search the globe for a private jet.

SHY aviation’s global network of private aircraft direct on your iPhone or iPad.

• 50,000+ aircraft available

• 24/7 customer service

• empty leg search facility

• instant charter price estimates


one way or round trip.

instantly select your destination and let us find your nearest airport.

• choose your nearest airport

• select type of aircraft

• add your passengers


virtual mapping.

virtual mapping allows you to pin your flight route.

• destination info

• flight duration

• map tracking


empty legs.

with access to over 15,000 empty legs you can search destination by date and location.

• live empty legs across the globe

• charter broker available 24/7

• global office network


we have access to every available aircraft worldwide and can move any number of passengers.

with offices in London, Barcelona, Miami, LA, Toronto and Dubai we have over 11 languages spoken  – we will always allocate the expert charter broker that suits you and your trip.

SHY believes in using the latest in technology.

welcome to flyinnovation in your pocket.

using a series of live data feeds from our worldwide leading sources and partners we have been able to capture over 50,000 private aircraft for you to choose from. We are able to track and monitor exact locations at any time, enabling us to provide you realtime information to ensure accurate availability and options.

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